Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zuzu: I Don't Like You!

Remember this post a while back?

Zuzu, she don't like him, that plush Himmie.
I will show you!

"Oh! What you has there?!"

"What is YOU?!"


"I hides from it!"

"It FINDS ME! I squish mahself
'gainst wall AWAY from it!"

"I not even going to LOOK at it!"

"May be I safe down here?"

"That's it!
WHACK you!"

"Good -- FINALLY you take it away!
Now I show you mah butt.
Bet you sorry now!"


ah gheeeeeeeeeeee said...

Oh, sweet lord....

Sweet Praline said...

You don't like your fluffy friend?!? He looks like my little Cassidy and we get along pretty well.

Don't worry Zuzu, you are the bestest looking Himmie on that post.

Patty Skypants said...

Ha ha ha!! Glad U whacked that immy-himmy outta there!! xxoo Bhu


Hahahahahaha!! dat lookz like meee!! i has one too but i sure he boringz!! he no moves and pulay with meee! I much mor efun to pulay with Zuzu!! lets play someday okay??