Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carter: A Proper Introduction

Thought you might like see who has been taking up so much of time and preventing me from updating Anna and Zu's blog all summer.

Introducing Carter, our 16-month old long-haired German Shepherd Dog.
This video was made early this summer -- he's even bigger now!
I picked this song as he is my "Romeo."
I just love mah doggie!
(Then again, I can't think of an animal I don't like.)
(Except well ... I'm afraid of toads and frogs. Blush.)

Zuzu: Love goggie more than us???
Kim: No, no no Zuzu -- not more than you!



Sweet Praline said...

Carter is beautiful, but where are the interactions with the girls? I can just hear the conversations between Anna and Zuzu . . .

Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Zuzu: Ah don't interactz with him at all! 'Cept when he DO come running at me and THEN ah HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS and make mad owl face! Then, he leave me alone!

Anna: I interactzesessss with him! I never HISS so he never scared of me like he scaridz of Zuzu. He try to lick me and groom me and THAT'S okay. But when he trys to play rough with his big BROWN FEET, I don't like that. And then Mommy, she SAVES me and she say "NononoCarter, Anna is NOT doggie. You can't play rough!"

Kim: We're hoping eventually when the rest of his puppyhood burns off that Anna and Zu won't be so irresistable to him. (At least another year ...sigh.) He's never mean, he just wants to play and doesn't seem to know he's so much bigger! Anna's great with him tho-- she purrs when he tries to groom her.

Cranky Yankee said...

Don't like frogs? So, do you get nervous near the frog bridge?