Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas "Helpers!"

Yesterday's post was about how the girls love to "help." Do you know when they are at their most helpful -- especially Zuzu? At Christmas! Perhaps this is because they are "Christmas kitties," as we brought them home on December 23 in 2006.

Here are some photos of the girls showing off their helpful abilities last Christmas, 2007. Below photos are of Zuzu "helping" Mia prepare oatmeal to put outside for Santa's reindeer:

We didn't have a big tree last year as Carter (dog) was only 5-months old. We tested him by setting up the tree undecorated for a few days and sure enough, he thought the tree was his own personal, giant chew toy. To make up for the lack of a tree, Santa left Mia the lighted reindeer and penguin you see in the pictures.



Both! (I've labeled the picture to help you find them!)

Zuzu: I put this gift in the living room Christmas Eve. I found it in our bedroom on Christmas morning. Apparently one of the girls dragged it all the way back there!
Judging by the way Zuzu appears to be possessively guarding the same gift here on Christmas morning, I'm guessing she did the dragging.

Zuzu: "These Mia's toys? But where MAH toys???"

Here's a few photos from Christmas 2006.
We'd only had Anna and Zuzu for two days -- look how little!

Anna with Rudolph characters

Anna with tent Mia received for Christmas.

TWO! (Zu in box, Anna outside.)

Baby Zu -- I forgot about this picture.
It looks like she's crying:

But no -- she was only playing with Christmas paper!

Hopefully I'll get some good shots of Anna and Zu helping this Christmas.
Hopefully too, Carter will let us have a tree this year!!!
We'll see ...


Sweet Praline said...

Those baby pictures are so adorable. My mom fixed the red eyes of ZuZu in some of the pictures for you. If you will email her at pag4uscATscDOTrrDOTcom, she will send them to you.

Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Oh thank you!
For whatever reason, when I try to fix red eye with my program, it just looks fake and very bad!

Going to email now ...

Patty Skypants said...

OMG!! KEWT KEWT KEWT!! You are so lucky to have such kewt little girls around all the time!! xxoo Patty


Ohmaigosh!! this is so kewt Kim!!! I luv all the fun pictures of Anna and Zuzu!! They are just such a fluffy nice kittehs a lot of fun to be around!! Their kitten pictures are just just too cute for me...I gonna droool all over the computer screen lol!! I like Zuzu crying haha so funny!!!!