Friday, November 14, 2008

Zuzu's Plushy Stuffies

Zuzu: Ah don't ALWAYS hates plushy stuffies. May be ah don't like them so good here and here, but sometimez ah DO like them!

Like here:
An too, here:

And too also, here:

That plushy stuffy Himlayankins Thing is in this picture too! By mah butt, see?! He don't bother me here tho.

Kim: Zuzu, are you pretending YOU are a plushie?

Zuzu: What "tending?"

Kim: Pretending, Zuzu. It means thinking for a little while that you are something different from what you really are.

Zuzu: ?

Kim: Zuzu? Are you confused?

Zuzu: No. Ah be pretendingzuzu, like you say!

Kim: Pretending to be what? Oh and "Zuzu" isn't part of the word, Zuzu. That's your name.

Zuzu: ?

Kim: Sigh, never mind. What are you pretending to be?

Zuzu: Ah pretendingzuzu to be HOOTIE OWL GHOSTIE SNOW-BEAR MOON-KITTY!!!

Kim: Ohhhhhhhhhh.
That's a very special pretending trick, Zuzu!

Zuzu: (Very proud) Yes. It do be.


Sweet Praline said...

Great job pretendingzuzu! Those owl eyes get my Mom all the time!

Patty Skypants said...

Zuzu, U R VERY good at pretending.

Sara, Bebe and Iago said...

Wow! You are so good that you askeert us with your pretendingzuzu owl!


oh anna and zuzu!! me didn't know which one iz you cuz you all lookz like stuff toyz!!! you guys try to fool meee? or you just pretendingzuzu??

your bellies are on now!! come and check ittt out!!