Monday, May 5, 2008

Stuff I Love: Plush Himmies!

Plushie, stuffie, cutey, can-squeeze-them-as- hard-as-I-like-without-hurting them Himalayans!
We have four different ones around our house, one of them shown in the "Goma Brother" post here. (That one, however, looks like a cross between and Himmie and a Ragdoll, what with the white feet. )

We also have the below three by Webkinz and Ty:

Look at this stuffed PERSIAN:

Photo from

Okay, that one is REAL!
But soooo cute -- this moon baby looks like a little stuffed toy!
I would really love to squeeze this kitty!


Goma said...

OMG!! me has no idea they make me!! Mai mom wants one too, me dont know why, she already has me!!

Anonymous said...

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