Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anna: I can has MORE circle!

Kim: Anna, you be careful. You're getting a little too worked up with that pony-tail holder!
Anna: Don't care!

Kim: Anna! Watch out! You're close to the edge of the window!
Anna: I NOT!

Kim: Anna! You're going to fall!

Kim: See??? What did I tell you?
Anna: I do's that falls ON PURPOSE!
Kim: You are such a liar!

Also, during this same "photo shoot, " I got a really nice photo of Zuzu:

Zuzu: I is QUEEN!
Kim: You are very pretty, Zuzu!
Zuzu: (proud) Yes! I very very very prettyzuzu!


Sweet Praline said...

Oh Miss Anna, you just won't do! Praline does that all the time when she is on the sofa or bed and is getting a belly rub!

Prettyzuzu is a great name for Zuzu in this photo.

Patty Skypants said...

Purritty Zuzu!!! Annabelle, you iz very affffletic! Happy Fanksgiving! xxoo Bhu


ohhh Anna you is such a beauty!! me luvs you!!! mai mom thinkz same too when I fall off from mai trees. They don know we do it for funz!!! is not wee are slow.

Sachie: I don't think so, you always fall off and you look like you got scared...

GOMA: Nos! weee no scarz!! we has funz!!

ML said...

This is my first visit to your blog. What beautiful sisters, absolutely gorgeous.
So nice to meet you.

Sweet Praline said...

Where have you been this week? I've missed you. I have tagged you for a meme today. Please come by and get the instructions. It's fun.