Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am bad, bad, BAD mommy.

Rest assured, I'm reading everyone else's blogs -- just been too busy or preoccupied to keep Anna and Zuzu's blog or even comment at the other cat blogs. Another couple of busy weeks ahead (big annual breast cancer benefit this weekend and then some articles to write) and then I HOPE to give AnnaZu blog the attention it deserves.

Actually, tho, you all haven't missed much. It's been, well, GROSS around here: both girls have a bad flea infestation -- hoping another month of Frontline will do the trick. Also, Anna had another bout with icky poopy, getting it all over her fluffy pants. I cleaned her up best I could, but couldn't get her as squeaky clean as I'd like -- low and behold, she chooses that night to sleep on MY PILLOW -- right next to my face!

Anna: Was my REVENGES! You too wet water and combing and clippy with SCISSORS around my butt!

Sorry, Anna.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can You Help: Walk for Animals, September 7th

Zuzu: Weeee just wanted to tell your our mommy Kim and her family are doing something extra special this Sunday, September 7 in Springfield, Massachusetts!


Zuzu: They are partipating in the MSPCA-Angell's Walk for Animals -- all of the money goes to help poor catzes and dogsesz and rabbitiz and birdses and even horsesz!


Zuzu: If you can spare anything at all, please go here to donate to our mommy's team, The Fur-Reals, right here: The Fur-Real's Page!


Zuzu: Weee know we are way late on annoucing this as the walk is this weekend, but Mommy only TELLS US about this a few days ago!

Anna: How she expect us to "fundraise" when weeeee don't even know 'bout this til now?!

Zuzu: Anyway, we shows you some animals that were helped by MSPCA here:

"Oh. It's YOU. Well. See me? Yes, you do see me and I am Creamy. Do you know what I am? I am a HIMALAYAN! I sure the heck am! Do you know where I was? Once? At the MSPCA shelter -- and homeless!


I was found wandering the streets with no more love! And I am a HIMALAYAN, for God's sake! I purr purr purr in the shelter so much that I was adopted. Good thing too! Because I love hair! I love to roll around in your hair if you let me and get silly! If you sleep over my house someday, I might get in your hair! S' fun! You'll like it!

You can't toucha mah belleh tho. I don't LIKE that! But you can pet and pet and pet and pet my head! You can also give me treats. Do you know why? Because treats is the way I roll!"

"Ohhhh. You. Good, I like to see you because I like everybody! That's me: Boo. Boo Who Likes Everybody! Good to see you, too, because I can't hear you. I have no hearing. None. I am deaf.
I, too, was found lost, unloved and scared. I, too, lived at the MSPCA shelter for a little while. Which was better than scary streets but I wasn't happy.

Do you know why?

Because I have GREAT BIG FEETS with about ONE MILLION TOES on them and I like to wrap them around people's necks and hug!

Which is why I'm happy I have a home now!
A home for my TOES!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU! YAY! I IS LOLA! Pant pant pant, happy happy happy!

I happy -- now!
I happy!
I wasn't happy last year, tho.

Last year I was dropped off at the MSPCA shelter because my owner died. I don't think I was very happy there because that owner was sick and couldn't take care of me too good and I spent too much times in my crate. I HATES crates, now! Instead of crate, I would rather ALL DAY follow follow follow my owners ALL DAY all around the house ALL DAY!

When I got to the shelter I was covered with hair mats and snarls and tangles and YUCK!
I had pieces of WIRE stuck in my beard!
Now, tho, now I HAPPY and have nice home!
And a whole BUNCH of toys and one toy I call Pink Mama!
I would let you play with Pink Mama, too, if you wanted!"

Kim: All of the above animals are owned by my sister and her family. Besides providing a forever home for Creamy, Boo and Lola, they also provide a foster home for at-risk kitties from the MSPCA shelter; cats with delicate health conditions who should not be exposed to potential illness from other animals. This usually turns out to be kittens with brand new baby immune systems.


Zuzu: Do you know what I think you need to see now? Another picture of Boo.

Anna: And his one million toes!

Once again, if you can help, just go to our team page, The Fur-Reals!
Thanks everyone!