Saturday, October 17, 2009

Carter and Annabelle

For such a big dog, Carter is usually pretty gentle with Annabelle.

Zuzu: AH don LIKE him!

Yes, Zuzu, I know -- you hide from him. But you know, if you just let him sniff you every once in a while, he wouldn't be so obsessed with you!

Zuzu: AH WON'T!

Okay, Zuzu.
ANYway, Annabelle not only puts up with Carter, but purposely sometimes goes out of her way to get his attention. Below a video of the two of them. You'll see not only does she appear to enjoy his grooming, but watch how she actually SMACKS him when he starts sniffing his toy and ignoring her:

Not Dead

Weeeeeeeeeeeee are not dead!
Weeeeeeeeeeeee are still here!
Mom is busy an' we HATES that!
Sheeeeeeeeeeee says she will blogz again, soon!
Weeeeeeeeeeee want u to notz forgetz about us!