Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anna "Helping"

I have a lot of little projects I'd like to get started on: the promised AnnaZu and Praline cartoons, photos of Anna and Zu with their Goma buttons, more silly movies like the Anna's Belly one I did last week and more. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to get some of these started.

Some days, however, I'm lucky I can even get a post up here at all.
Not due to a lack of time but because Anna likes to "help" me write this blog.

The below pictures were taken as I was trying to post the most recent kitty cartoon:

This happens nearly every morning -- Anna plops herself directly in front of the computer screen and grooms herself while I'm trying to type. Every so often, she'll catch sight of the mouse arrow. When this happens, I have to completely give up trying to get anything done as then she'll put her whole fat little body in front of the screen and will try to "catch" the mouse. (It's no use putting her on the floor. She merely jumps right back up on the desk again. Forget closing the door -- she'll sit outside the door meowing and scratching until I let her back in.)

A few years back while researching Himalayans, I found the following article: (Excerpt) "As I sit here writing this article I have a Himmy on my lap and another on my desk. They like their people! Himalayans will often attempt to 'help' you do whatever it is that you are doing, whether it is reading the paper, making the bed or reading blueprints. (My husband just loves it when they help him read blueprints from work!) They ARE in the middle of all of your activities, and they express themselves with a wonderful melodious voice."

Is that ever the truth. Which is just one of the reasons I am so crazy about this breed. I've found one has to learn to adjust to what I call the Himalayan's "Follow-follow trait." You learn to work around them as opposed to trying to get them to stay out of your way/off the table/out of the wastebaskets (!!!) and just generally being in your business.

All of which is just fine by me -- I'm fairly certain I will have at least one Himalayan around me at all times for the rest of my life as I just love these cats!


Sweet Praline said...

Oh, and I agree so much! Those sweet faces and personalities just melt me! Praline was my first Himmie/Persian mix and I have fallen in love with the breed. I would love to get another kitten, but Praline is 13 now and I don't want to add that stress to her. Sometimes, they can do the dumbest things and then give you that look, and all is alright with the world. Is that how you see it Mom?

Praline - Where's Anna and Zuzu? I wants to play!


Oh maigosh Anna!! She needs a lot of attenstion!! lol! soooo cute i totally understand why you can not blog!! Goma is unlike any Himalayan, he is not very affectionate, I must admit. He will not sleep with me, he doesnt sit on my lap, he just very independent. I guess because he knows when he does that I will squeeze him to death never let him go lol!!

Patty Skypants said...

Oh, Anna U SO KEWT!!! xxoo Bhu

Bhu follows us everywhere, too, but he keeps his distance, just like Goma. Maybe it's a mancat thing. xxoo Patty