Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stuff I Love: FLATFACES in Magazines!

Stopping by Sachie's Goma blog today, I saw she has a video up of Goma talking -- just like my Zuzu's little meow post below! By the way, that soft, but frequent little meow appears to be a trait of Himmies: "Like the Siamese, the Himalayan can be a very vocal cat. The are very communicative and will let you know with a few meows that dinnertime has arrived! Don't worry, their voice is much more similar to that of a Persian than that of a Siamese."

In another article, the Persian/Himalayan meow is described as "soft and pleasant." But true, they talk often! Zuzu has taken to meowing at me every time she want attention and Anna is even more vocal -- slightly louder than Zu, she meows as Goma does -- when rolling around, showing her belly and also quite often at the door, wanting to go out!

Zuzu: We can't, tho, can't go outside. Because, Kim, she say "NonononoZuzu, you are too WHITE and too SOFT and too non-streetwise and cars and predators would hurt you!"

Just below the talky Goma post, Sachie has a post with pictures from a recent photo shoot in Vogue showing models posing with (flatfaced!) Persians.

Sometimes Sachie and I seem so alike and so silly-in love with our kitties, I wonder if we aren't long lost sisters somehow!

A few years back, I noticed Paris Hilton on the cover of Seventeen magazine holding a (flatface!) Persian kitten! Of course, I had to look inside. After seeing the below pictures, I had to buy the magazine! There were baby Himmies in the photo shoot as well as calico and solid color Persians!

(Click on the above picture to make BIG! Look at those grumpy little FLATFACES!)

Finally, another video Zuzu playing with her Mousie below.


You will be next, Anna, I promises!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Played dress up again the other day. Zuzu genuinely seems to enjoy wearing clothes --she rolls around and purrs. Anna, on the other hand, appears to merely endure dress up. She'll put up with it, but doesn't seem too pleased.

Zuzu: "Likes it! Not crabby! Jus mah flatface! I like mah shirty!"

Anna: "Do BE crabby! Hatesez it, shirtzes! OFFS, U take it!"

Now: to make up for my sparse posting here at AnnaZu of late, I give you --

First, Zuzu staring in "Mah Tiny Meeow:"

Yes, that is blue you are seeing on Zu's left side.
And, yeah, on her right side too.
Ah, well ... I (blush) wanted to try to temporarily dye her white toe blue with a teeny bit of food coloring.
Make her Blue Zu!
She got too wiggly so I settled for just putting a bit on her fluff.

Honest to God, I do not torture my kitties, I SWEAR!
I just have a little bit TOO much fun, I guess.
You'll note when she meows I gasp in awe as if angels were singing, for crying out loud.
As if I hadn't heard her tiny meeow hundreds of times before.
They just drive me crazy, these fluffy, flatfaced little moonbabies -- I can't ever stop marveling at them.
(Be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear her purring too!)

Dang it, I had hoped to upload two more videos, but for some reason YouTube and Blogger are both taking FOREVER to upload a few 45 second videos.

Hmmmm, wonder why.
Anyone have any suggestions?

More, to come, hopefully.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weee has NOTHER blogzes!

Today's AnnaZu post is over here at Floof & Fur!
Thank you to our mascot ZeeBee (above) Maggy, Zoey and Anne of Zoolatry for inviting us!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We sorry!

Zuzu: Mommy BUSY! TOO busy to update our blogsez! That is stink!

Anna: Sheee busy. And with that GOG ALL THE TIME! (dog)

Zuzu: She better updates our blogzes soon! Else, WHOMP her with mah white toe!

Anna: Hee! WHOMP!