Friday, February 19, 2010


Two weeks ago, my husband took our dog Carter to the vet for his second round of Lyme disease vaccines while I was at work. Suddenly I got a text message from him: a very SPECIAL text with a very special picture attached. This picture made me so excited, I responded in a flurry of text messages back to him. My husband responded with more pictures. I then sent him about a million texts back, all with the same message: GET ME THIS!

A week later, "this" came to our house.

Would you like to see "this?"
Are you ready?
Would you like to see -- really really REALLY like to see???

Introducing: MISO!

That's right: we have a new kitty -- a new MANCAT ADOPTED-BROTHER HIMALAYAN kitty!

Miso was in a cage in the pet food store next door to our vet hosptial, looking for his forever home. His details are unclear, but apparently he had been found as a stray back around August or October, wondering around in someone's yard, with severely matted fur and chronic diarrhea. I guess he stayed at the hospital for all that time as they worked to figure out the cause of his diarrhea.

Here he is in his little cage -- poor baby!

I had to wait a week to find out if we could adopt him -- my husband put in an application that same day but apparently someone else had an application in ahead of us. Lucky for us, they never returned the hospital's phone calls -- so last Monday, I brought him home to live with US!

He's a doll-faced Himalayan -- no flatface like Zuzu, more like Anna -- but undoubtedly a Himmie: blue eyes, darky points (I think blue point?), chunky fat little body with shorty legs and fluff! Where on earth he came from, I can't imagine -- how could anyone abandon him? Did he get lost? He's only about a year and a half -- poor baby!

So far the transitioning period has been going well -- the first few days Anna hissed her head off at him and Zuzu just looked at him like "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" A week and a half later, Zu still avoids him (but watches him with big Zuzu eyes!) and Anna only hissed once today -- when Miso butted into her, in that "pet me" way he has. We're working now on getting him used to Carter -- Carter wants to play very badly, but Miso is "HISSSSSSS, NO DOGGY!" Today, however, they've been staring at each other through the baby gate I have up most of the night with no hissing or barking -- BIG improvement. The hardest part of the transition seems to be getting all kitties on one food: Miso's diarrhea seems to have completely stopped on a special diet of prescription low fat/high protein food. Rather then mess around with what's working for him, I've decided to switch the girls to that, as Anna is prone to diarrhea about twice a month herself (wonder if it's a breed thing?) We have to do this transition very slowly, a little at a time, so as not to upset their tummies!

The best thing about Miso Mancat BrotherBoy Kitty is his temperament: he's a big purring loveball, very sweet with the softest meow I ever heard -- softer even than Zuzu's tiny meow!

I'll keep you posted -- just wanted to share the news!