Monday, November 10, 2008

Anna and Zuzu's (and Goma's) Family Tree!

Anna and Zuzu are the first cats I've ever owned who have a pedigree as all my other kitties were strays and rescues. While I'm all for adopting shelter kitties, I've really enjoyed the unique experience of being able to see not only the mom and dad, but also grandparents of my cats.

So today, I bring you Annabelle and Zuzu's Family Tree! Goma fans, please note this Family Tree is Goma's also -- he shares the same mom and dad as my girls, but is from a later litter.

First, meet their daddy Ch Kasiakatz Read Set Go of Cozycreek, aka "Tonka:"

Photos courtesy of Suzette Garey
Please visit Suzette's Cozycreek links found to right of this page.

I love this last one -- look at his back feet!!!

Tonka is a flame-point Himalayan. He has the "extreme" or show-quality flat face. His breeder Suzette described him as having an exceptionally sweet personality. I had the honor of meeting Tonka when we picked up the girls back in December of 2006. My husband, daughter and I were playing with Anna and Zu, and all of a sudden there's Suzette with this gigantic pile of FLUFF in her arms! Tonka was absolutely beautiful, adorable and BIG -- I wanted to pick him up and lug him around all day. He is now retired from breeding and in his forever home.

Quick note on our visit to Suzette's home: at the time we bought the girls, I think she had about 7 or 8 adult Himmies and Persians at her house. I was in heaven -- this was the first time I had seen such beautiful, fluffy, flatfaced kitties other than in pictures! The cats were all loose in her home, not in cages, but hanging out happily with the family. After two minutes in Suzette's home, I knew we were getting our girls from a loving, responsible breeder.

Now meet Tonka's mommy and daddy, or Anna and Zuzu's grandpa and grandma:

Here's Grandpa, Ch Phylcats Walkin Bluline or "Lovey:"

And Grandma, Kimpaw's Maya of Kasiakatz or "Maya:"

Photos courtesy of Cathy Best

Both Grandpa and Grandma were owned by Cathy Best at Kasiakatz Persians and Himalayans. (I warn you, DO NOT click on that link UNLESS you are sitting down! Cathy's site is PACKED with adorable, breath-taking Himmies and Persians! Be prepared to swoon!) Lovey is still producing beautiful kittens at Kasiakatz while Maya is now retired and in her forever home.

Lovey drives me crazy! He is soooooooooooo cute!
And I am delighted to learn the girls have some TORTIE in their background -- that must be where Anna gets her "talky gene" as every Tortie I ever knew always had a lot to say!

Now meet Anna and Zuzu's mommy, Cozycreek Wish Upon a Star, or "Star:"

At 16 weeks

Photos courtesy of Suzette Garey

Star is seal-point Himmie (I think! I get confused with all the different "points!") with a more "traditional" or "doll faced" nose. Just look at how blue her eyes are! Now we know where Goma got his eyes! Star is also now retired from breeding and in her forever home.

Now meet Star's mommy and daddy, and the second set of grandparents:

Here's Grandpa, Ch Sue-Ral's Utakmyspeechaway or "Josh:"

And Grandma, Indian Summer of Cozycreek or "Piper:"

Photos courtesy of Suzette Garey

LOOK at that Josh!
LOOK at that smooshy, squishy little face!
He looks like a little grumpy bear!

Zuzu: "He NOT grumpy! Just his flat face!"

Um, right -- sorry, Zuzu.

And look how beautiful Piper is -- her face looks so sweet!

It is so interesting to me to see how this "family tree" or breeding manifests in Anna and Zu. While the blue-cream point coloring is the result of a mix of both Tonka and Star's combined coloring, Anna definitely has Star's face and more delicate body:

While Zu has Tonka's face and chunkier or "cobbier" body:

They both have Tonka's lighter blue eye color.

Also interesting is how their personalities were pretty much determined at an early age: at nine weeks old, Anna was curious, fearless, loved to be held and kinda "silly." At the same age, Zuzu was friendly but more cautious and while she follows me everywhere, she does not like to be held. Today, at two years old, their personalities are exactly the same.

Finally, here's a riddle for you:

Q: What happens when you mix a Josh with a Piper and a Star and a Lovey and a Maya and a Tonka?
Special thanks to Suzette Garey and Cathy Best for photos.

Zuzu: "Weeeeeeeeee want fancy names too! I can has Ch Zuzu Eighth Thunky Wonder of the World of Cozycreek an sheeeee can has Ch Annabelle Banana See Mah Belly of Cozycreek!"

Kim: "Um, Zuzu, you guys can't be 'Ch,' because neither of you are champions."


Kim: "Uh oh ..."


Sweet Praline said...

Zuzu's personality always reminds me of Praline. Praline has that sweet little flat face, but there is so much expression in her face. She loves to follow me around and lie down beside me, but she is not a lap kitty and she will only tolerate being held for short periods of time.

I have tried to find pictures of Praline's parents, but they may no longer be around since Praline is now 13.

Thanks for sharing. The family tree is beautiful!

ah gheeeeeeeeeeee said...

those are some WAY beautiful cats. WOW.

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Mom can't stop the squeeing looking at all those Himmie pictures! What brilliant floofyness! No wonder you two are so beautiful! Mom still misses her Himmie, Cerise, and would love to have another. In her opinion, they are the purrfect breed.


Yey I can has commentz!! Me never saw mai granda and granma beforez!! Mai mom must save this post cuz dis is excellentz!!

Sachie: Kim this is such a delight to see all Goma relatives in one place!! I did not know how Piper and Josh looks like! OMG they are so beautiful! Suzette is the best breeding wondeful kittehs!! I love Toka's 3rd picture too!! he is so fat and fluffy!! just like GOMA!! I remember when I went to Suzette's house, it was heaven or me too!! When I went there, there were new cream pt himalayan kittens in the cage!! OMg they were too cute!! I still can not forget hoe great her house was!! Thanks for the family tree!! I must blog this later today!! xoxox Sachie

Phoebe said...

The family photos are beautiful!

Patty Skypants said...

Anna and Zu, me lived with mai kitteh moma and papa before me came to lives wif mai bean moma and papa, but don know who is mai grandpa and grandma! U R so lucky! U R all so purrity! xxoo Bhu

Kellykat said...

What a special experience to have been able to meet the "family" of your special kitties. It's neat to see the similarities in the faces.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Anonymous said...