Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cartoon: Wait

I found another old cartoon yesterday. This one was done around July of 2006, shortly after I adopted Little Girl. A few months after she came to live with us, she got very sick: fever, very bad diarrhea. The vets weren't sure what was wrong with her -- I was going back and forth to the office, including emergency visits when she became so dehydrated, for nearly a week.

I left her overnight on a Friday for observation. That evening I feared she was never coming home again. The next day, however, she was much better. Within a few days, she was back to her old self.

I did the below cartoon about a week later. It's not my favorite: I used a very large piece of paper and one with a heavy grain -- my colored pencils therefore look like crayon, messy and too light. Also, I went a bit over the top with, ah, "mixed media," working in metallic purple ribbons, blue glitter and cut-out pieces. I'm not sure it worked so well. Also, I'm not sure the story is clear, so I'll provide a translation.

Here's the full piece:


Angels, kitty angels in heaven. They look down on Little Girl throughout the week as she is so sick. Recall, angels make Himmies and miss them when they send them to earth. They worry that humans might not take perfect care of their little fluffy masterpieces! The angels are relieved and happy she is coming back to them.


The angels pause. They see me sitting with her, missing her already, remembering all the things she did, like hugging my FEET and playing with her toys.


The angel kitties beg the angels not to take her yet. They beg them to "touch her," heal her so she can stay on earth.


Angel Kitty One is crying!

That time I was lucky.
That time, the angels decided they could live without my Little Girl -- for a little while.
About a year and half later, they couldn't wait any more.
They took her back.

(Insert big sad.)

But, you know Little Girl taught me, truly: almost beautiful, that pain.
For if there wasn't so much love, there could never have been that much pain.

Anna: (tiny voice ) Me?

Kim: ?

Anna: Me!

Kim: 'You' what, Anna?


Kim: ?

Zuzu: Ahhh! You not so smartz today! She mean WE HERE NOW! NO MORES SADZ!!!

Kim: OH! Yes, yes, I do see you guys! And in fact, "no more sadz" is the current topic of next cartoon!

Zuzu: GOOD!


fughee said...

such a beautiful, heartfelt, sweet illustration.

Can't wait to see what you draw on your new paper!

Sweet Praline said...

I really like your illustrations.

Our little Himmies make sure we know they are around, don't they?

I've featured the sketch you did for Praline today on her blog.


Ohhhhhh Kim! This is sooo sweet! From your wonderful dipiction of little girl in the sketch, I know how much your loved her!! I know Anglels had to take her because she was just beautiful kitteh....but as Anna and Zuzu say you have them NOW!! Yes they are sent from above too!! so beautiful!! I love your sketches!! you should do one on Anna and Zuzu!!

Patty Skypants said...

U make mai mom criez!! U R VERY good artist!! xxoo Bhu