Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update on Where I've been, as Told by Anna and Zu

Zuzu: I MAD.
SHE gonna give ALL too MANY excuzes why not blog!
She gonna say she BUSY an stuff.
I mad ANYway! This our blog! Is IMPORTANTS!
She so busy you see she not even clean my eyeses 'fore this picture taken!

Anna: See my BELLY?! YAY MY BELLY!
To be true, she with that dog a whole lot.
This him when little last year:

Anna: 'Cept he BIG NOW! :

Anna: I don mind him so much.
He not so big when he was little an sometimes I sit with him:

Zuzu: I don't like him! Too big too breathey panty too play play play!

Anna: I not scared of him. He not mean to catzes. But somtimes, he try to do this to me!:

Still, he not mean an I not scardzes TOO much.

Zuzu: She with that dog alot. She EVEN with deer!

Zuzu: An today, she gonna be with horse!

Zuzu: She love that big horse. See?

Zuzu: May be she love that big dog, that big horse, that deer more than us???

Kim: No, no Zuzu! I'm just busy!
Zuzu: You TOO busy sometimes!
Kim: I'm sorry, Zuzu.
Anna: She sorry, Zuzu.
Zuzu: Well, okay. BUT DO OUR BLOG!
Kim: I just did :)!
Zuzu: ....? Oh! Goods! I happy now! Go play with mah CATSZNIPSZ NOW!


Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Your momma is a busy lady! But we are happy she helped you with such a big blog entry. Your woofie puppy and full grown pictures are beautiful! He is one gorgeous woofie...for a woofie!

Sweet Praline said...

Your mom has been busy, but she really did help you with this large blog. The two of you are so beautiful, so tell your mom she needs to share you with the world as much as possible.

I've missed you!

Anonymous said...

Hello again! Welcome back to blogging! Your dog is all growed up now! Not that we are defending your Mom you understand, but my goodness, that horse is gorgeous!


hehehe!! me happyz see mai sisterz!! Zuzu no be mad your mom cuz she likez gogz and big dogz!! meee likes big many picture postz! its ok she no blog as long as when she do she have many picturez of you guyz!! xoxoxoxo Goma