Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grooming Time!

Anna and Zu LOVE to be groomed.
Whenever I want either of them, all I have to do is tap on the floor with one of the metal combs I use and they both come running. (I usually groom them in the bathroom, as the water, cotton balls and all the other stuff I need is in there.)

Here's some pictures from last weekend's session.
Zuzu came first and within 30 seconds, Anna ran in and tried to take over.
Notice how close she is sitting to Zuzu, trying to get me to groom her:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three New Videos!

First, Zuzu's Tiny Meow -- again!

Second, quickie video of Anna with pencil -- so delicate!

Finally, Zuzu's "attack" on her sister. This was odd -- usually it's Anna who occasionally gets aggressive with Zu!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally: A New Post!

I know, I know -- it's been FOREVER since I updated Annazu!

I have no real excuse, except the truth, which actually, is SORT of a good excuse. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, I have a tendency to get 100% caught up in whatever little endeavor I'm pursuing at any given moment. Every other little endeavor suffers until I finish with, or somewhat tire of, the current project. Sadly, Anna and Zu's blog suffered badly this winter and spring as I made silly little movies for friends, sold off over half of my model horse collection, got very caught up in finding old friends on Facebook and most recently, starting running again.

Additionally, I am a morning person. If I am to accomplish anything, it must be done in the AM. As I now must be in the office by 8AM, this leaves little time before work to focus on my little projects and/or exercise. HOPEFULLY, as summer rolls around, I'll have more time to update this bloggy!

ZUZU: Harumph! You is big jerk! YOU DO THIS BLOG!

Sorry, Zuzu!

Anyhow, here's a few pics taken recently:

(I took this picture and I still can't figure out where the heck her front legs are!)

Reason Why You MIGHT Not Want A Himalayan If You Don't Like Fur Around
Your House and On Your Clothes:

From one approximately 10 minute grooming session yesterday. Comprised of about 10% Zuzu fur, 90% Anna fur! Zu's coat is softer and fluffier while Anna's is silkier, longer and denser. Whenever I groom her, I say "Anna, you have WAY too much fur for one little cat!"

Sophie, my friend's kitty!
HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Here is Sophie, relaxing in the direct sunlight, which is why the pic is kinda faded-looking. Is this the cutest little pose ever?!

Hopefully, back with more posts soon! Hope all our friendzes, human and kitty, are doing well!