Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weee Are Here Now!

Anna: Ohhhhhhh! You here now! That good cuz weee here now, too! Weee are two Himalayan SISTERS and this our blog! Sometime, I talk; sometime Zuzu Sister talk; sometime Kim talk. Weee are Annabelle and Zuzu! That's meee, on left and Zuzu Sister on right up there. That picture old about one year and a half. That picture taken on the first day weee met our new family! Weee were little! Yes. Well, weee were!

Zuzu: See us?

Anna: Weee were born on October 24, 2006 and weee are blue-cream point Himalayan catzes. Weee are many interesting. I DOLLFACED, too! That mean my face not so flat. Zuzu, she do's be's a FLATFACE -- that means her face do's be's pretty flat.

Zuzu: Too, I had crooked nose once. I tell you about that later, maybe. If you're good.

Anna: Do you know what breeder name me first? Sheee name me Anna Banana! That Kim, tho, she change-ed my name to Annabelle.

Zuzu: Do you know what breeder name me first? You don't, do you? Someday, maybe I tell you. If you're good.

Anna: That Zuzu, she tricky. I not tricky.

Zuzu: No. You kinda silly, tho.

Anna: Yes.

Kim: Anna, why is your belly all wet?

Anna: Cuz I PLOPPED in toilet again today!

Kim: Sigh. Again?

Zuzu: She do that all the time. She WET again today.

Anna: Is nice!

Kim: No, it's icky, Anna. People go doodie in the toilet, you know.


Zuzu: She don't care.

Kim: That's enough for now, girls. This is only our very first post on our brand new blog. Let's think about what kind of stuff we want to put on this blog for a while, ok?


Kim: Yes, yes, soon --


Kim: Zuzu, you have patience. And anyway, your white toe IS in the picture above.

Zuzu: MORE!

Kim: Zu, you just have patience, ok?

Anna: I have patiences! That's why I WET!

Kim: Um, what?

Anna: (Silence. Looks happy)

Kim: Never mind.

Zuzu: Okay, then. I have patience ... if you're good.

Anna: Doodie! Doodie doodie doodie!

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Goma said...

OMG! Anna ans Zuzu!! First blog postingz!! you is too cute with da picturez!! mai mom is happy cuz now she can read more about u too!! weee!! me love u!