Friday, April 18, 2008

Stuff I Love: World's Best Cat Litter!

The post about Anna will definitely happen, but as I've been really busy at work and home, until I have time to write it, I thought I'd instead introduce a new series of posts I plan to do here: Stuff I Love!

Warning: after losing Smoosh and Little Girl, I became and remain sort of a fanatic about keeping my animals healthy. It is possible that both my cat's deaths could have been avoided. Smoosh's kidney failure may have been the result of that horrible poisoned cat food tragedy that happened last year as she did eat one of the effected brands. Little Girls' diabetes may have been the result of too many steroid injections she had after catching stupid, horrible FLEAS and suffering a skin allergy to their bites.


I will never know for sure, but their deaths and all that poisoned food stuff has made me very, very cautious and rather extreme when it comes to trying to do the best I can for my animals. What I'm trying to say is, I am NOT a pet nutrition expert or snob; and I in no way think I alone know what's best for animals. I just do what makes me feel good.

And now:Easy to remember, right? World's Best Cat Litter!

I started using this when Anna and Zu were tiny kittens. After Suzette (breeder) told me to use clay-type litter and not the grainy, clumping kind, I realized I had never really thought about litter. Suzette explained that tiny kittens could possibly get the clumping litter stuck in their little paws, then by licking it off, they could ingest it -- which would not be good for their tiny digestive systems.

So then I started doing some research on cat litter and learned about World's Best Cat Litter.

From their website:

"Is it safe? Yes. It is safe for you, your cats and the environment. It can be used by cats and kittens without worry of ingestion, dust or allergy problems. WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER™ is 99% dust free, containing no clays, silica, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents found in other litters. NOTE: Do not expose kittens to litter before they are 8-weeks of age. Veterinarians and breeders have known for years that the silica dust prevalent in clay-based conventional and clumping litters may cause respiratory problems in both cats and their owners. Over time silica dust, when inhaled can accumulate in the alveoli and air sacs of the lungs. With WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER™ there is no need to worry about a cat or its owner inhaling problematic dust.

What if my cat ingests WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER? No problem. Because it is made from whole kernel corn, it will pass harmlessly through your cat’s digestive system and will not obstruct or coat your cat’s intestinal lining. WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER™ contains no perfumes, chemicals, or sodium bentonite which may be harmful to cats. "

You can read more about it here.

I love it not only because it is completely safe for my babies, but it works great! I never liked the way other clumping kinds of litter get almost TOO clumpy -- or wet and gooey and hard like clay or wet cement. Also, I hated the way all the dust flew in the air when I poured it into the litter box.

World's Best is especially good for Himmies, Persians and other fluffies because it rarely gets stuck in their long fur.
With Little Girl, my first Himmie, I used the other clumping kind of litter, as I hadn't heard of World's Best. I would often find this stuff caked between her little toes in hard clumps and stuck on her little fur tufts there. I'd have to wet the clumps and gently try to comb them out -- which she didn't like!

Which is, by the way, another great thing about Himmies: those fluffy, tufty toes!
Anna's tufty foot!

World's Best Cat Litter does clump so that urine is easily scooped out, but not in those cement-y, wet, icky clumps that stick to the scoop and the sides of the litter box. Instead of having to bang and whack the scoop against the trash can to get all that sticky, gray gunk off, World's Best Litter clumps come right off with no banging or remaining residue. It also absorbs odor really well. My litter boxes never stink -- unless one of the Moon Babies just made a big fresh Tootsie Roll in there!

It is expensive -- about $24 for a big bag -- but it lasts a long time! For two cats, I only buy a bag about every three months.

Zuzu: I do's like this stuffie in my litter boxie! It nice!

Anna: Oooh, it nice! I likes it tons and lots! It made from CORNY -- but I don't EATS it!

So there you have it!
I'm off to work soon -- and you can bet I'll have GOMACAM on my monitor all day! (Thanks to Sachie for the tip about making the window small so I can keep Goma on my screen at all times!)


Patty Skypants said...

OMG! Bhu has super cute fluffy, winged toes, too! I once took him to a groomer who CUT THE FLUFF OFF "for hygiene purposes." Whatevah! Bhu never went back there again! Anyway, thanks for the litter info. We will get some. xxoo PSP

Patty Skypants said...
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Albany said...

Interesting to know.