Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking Photos

I've always had great difficulty getting nice photos of the girls. I've got an average digital camera, I guess, nothing fancy but not horribly cheap. Unless the photos are taken in good, natural lighting with no flash, however, their eyes always come out glowing. It drives me crazy as their blue eyes are one of their best features and I can never get good pictures of them!

I've tried using my photo editor program to fix the red eye, but the results are always very unnatural looking -- ditto with the auto red eye program on my camera.

Anyhow, the following are photos from this morning's photo shoot!

Anna: (interrupts) "Weee will bees America's Next Top Models!"

Zuzu: "I will bees America's Next Top Model! I bees 'couture' and 'edgy' model! You just 'catalog' and 'commercial' model!'"

Anna: "What be's 'couture' and 'edgy?' Wet belly, maybe???"

ANYWAY .... As all pictures were taken about six AM, I had no natural lighting. It's easy to tell which photos were taken with flash due to the glowing eyes; and which with no flash -- no glowing eye, but blurry.

Additionally, some photos were taken pre-eye cleaning and combing, some afterward.

(Himalayans/Persians need their eyes cleaned about twice a day. As Anna and Zu have light faces, it's been impossible for me to ever get them looking perfectly clean -- every little stain shows up on them. I should try that Eye Envy stuff someday. They are both pretty tolerant about this eye-cleaning business, but they don't like it and get wriggly if I take too long. As a result, I usually just settle for getting off the goo and don't worry too much about the stains.)
Zuzu: "Thunk, thunk, thunk!"

Zu: She looks like a FLUFFY WEASEL!

Zu: no flash, eyed cleaned!



Anna: "Am NOT a 'crabby bulldog!' Why you call me that?!"

Anna, eyes cleaned!


Zuzu! Dang it, this would have been so cute if I had got her HEAD in the shot! Still, look at that BELLY and those little back feet!


Daisy said...

Nice to meet you Anna and Zuzu! You are very cute. I already know Goma.

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Aww, these are very sweet pictures! Anna and Zuzu are so beautiful :)

We are two Himalayan kitties (Rocky and Angie) and a Tortie - S'more. We're very happy we found your blog (through Goma's blog!).

Kim said...

Daisy: YAY! YOU CUTE! We loves you big eyezes a whole bunches! Weee would love to play with you!

Rocky, Angie and s'more: Ohhh, we love Himmies and Torties! You has blogzes? You has picturez? Weee want to seee!

Kim said...

(That's Anna talking up there. Though, I must say, I talk pretty silly around animals myself!)

Patty Skypants said...

Bhu has two sisters who look like Anna and Zuzu ("They purrity, I hansum -- we like Himalayan movie starz -- Goma too!).

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Hi Kim!
Unfortunately we don't have a bloggie yet, but our Mommy plans on starting one for us one day :)

We don't have any pictures yet either cuz we don't have a digital camera! Can you imagine? We has to work on our Mommy!

It's nice to meet you - we love your bloggie alot!

Goma said...

OMG!!!! Anna and zuzu is supa cute!! You guys really looks like Goma!! Especially eyes!! good job on taking pictures! Day light always the best!

Cranky Yankee said...

Hey Kim,

To clean eyes, try warm milk. Seriously.

A tissue dipped in warm milk...That's what I use when my two Hellions get colds in their eyes. It clears it up so fast!

Kim said...