Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can You Help: Walk for Animals, September 7th

Zuzu: Weeee just wanted to tell your our mommy Kim and her family are doing something extra special this Sunday, September 7 in Springfield, Massachusetts!


Zuzu: They are partipating in the MSPCA-Angell's Walk for Animals -- all of the money goes to help poor catzes and dogsesz and rabbitiz and birdses and even horsesz!


Zuzu: If you can spare anything at all, please go here to donate to our mommy's team, The Fur-Reals, right here: The Fur-Real's Page!


Zuzu: Weee know we are way late on annoucing this as the walk is this weekend, but Mommy only TELLS US about this a few days ago!

Anna: How she expect us to "fundraise" when weeeee don't even know 'bout this til now?!

Zuzu: Anyway, we shows you some animals that were helped by MSPCA here:

"Oh. It's YOU. Well. See me? Yes, you do see me and I am Creamy. Do you know what I am? I am a HIMALAYAN! I sure the heck am! Do you know where I was? Once? At the MSPCA shelter -- and homeless!


I was found wandering the streets with no more love! And I am a HIMALAYAN, for God's sake! I purr purr purr in the shelter so much that I was adopted. Good thing too! Because I love hair! I love to roll around in your hair if you let me and get silly! If you sleep over my house someday, I might get in your hair! S' fun! You'll like it!

You can't toucha mah belleh tho. I don't LIKE that! But you can pet and pet and pet and pet my head! You can also give me treats. Do you know why? Because treats is the way I roll!"

"Ohhhh. You. Good, I like to see you because I like everybody! That's me: Boo. Boo Who Likes Everybody! Good to see you, too, because I can't hear you. I have no hearing. None. I am deaf.
I, too, was found lost, unloved and scared. I, too, lived at the MSPCA shelter for a little while. Which was better than scary streets but I wasn't happy.

Do you know why?

Because I have GREAT BIG FEETS with about ONE MILLION TOES on them and I like to wrap them around people's necks and hug!

Which is why I'm happy I have a home now!
A home for my TOES!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEE! YOU! YAY! I IS LOLA! Pant pant pant, happy happy happy!

I happy -- now!
I happy!
I wasn't happy last year, tho.

Last year I was dropped off at the MSPCA shelter because my owner died. I don't think I was very happy there because that owner was sick and couldn't take care of me too good and I spent too much times in my crate. I HATES crates, now! Instead of crate, I would rather ALL DAY follow follow follow my owners ALL DAY all around the house ALL DAY!

When I got to the shelter I was covered with hair mats and snarls and tangles and YUCK!
I had pieces of WIRE stuck in my beard!
Now, tho, now I HAPPY and have nice home!
And a whole BUNCH of toys and one toy I call Pink Mama!
I would let you play with Pink Mama, too, if you wanted!"

Kim: All of the above animals are owned by my sister and her family. Besides providing a forever home for Creamy, Boo and Lola, they also provide a foster home for at-risk kitties from the MSPCA shelter; cats with delicate health conditions who should not be exposed to potential illness from other animals. This usually turns out to be kittens with brand new baby immune systems.


Zuzu: Do you know what I think you need to see now? Another picture of Boo.

Anna: And his one million toes!

Once again, if you can help, just go to our team page, The Fur-Reals!
Thanks everyone!



Thanks for good wishes Kim! I am so worry about Goma so I called in and Vet said Goma is doing great! I can not wait to pick him up!!

Oh what a wonderful thing you are doing this weekend!! walk for cat!! omg that is exciting!! I wish I could join you guys!! love


Sweet Praline said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing for the cats and dogs!

Praline and I just love to read the blog when Anna and ZuZu are talking back and forth. So funny!

Sweet Praline said...

I gave you an award on my blog today! Please come by and get it.


hai Anna and Zuzu and kim!!

How is you?? I know you have awards from Praline but I want to give you one tooo!!

Patty Skypants said...

Good luck to Anna & Zuzu's Mom on her walk this weekend!! Bhu sez: "U R so GOOD! I LUV U! Pleeze walk a LOTS so U raise enough moneyz to help ALL the kittehs. OK and puppies, too. xxoo Bhu"

ZOOLATRY said...

Good luck with your fundraising event... this is a marvelous group of furs & woofies here...
all of you are to be commended for what you do...

FLOOF & FUR said...

Hi Anna & Zuzu! We gave you an Award, please stop by our blog and pick it up!
The Floof & Fur Gang