Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am bad, bad, BAD mommy.

Rest assured, I'm reading everyone else's blogs -- just been too busy or preoccupied to keep Anna and Zuzu's blog or even comment at the other cat blogs. Another couple of busy weeks ahead (big annual breast cancer benefit this weekend and then some articles to write) and then I HOPE to give AnnaZu blog the attention it deserves.

Actually, tho, you all haven't missed much. It's been, well, GROSS around here: both girls have a bad flea infestation -- hoping another month of Frontline will do the trick. Also, Anna had another bout with icky poopy, getting it all over her fluffy pants. I cleaned her up best I could, but couldn't get her as squeaky clean as I'd like -- low and behold, she chooses that night to sleep on MY PILLOW -- right next to my face!

Anna: Was my REVENGES! You too wet water and combing and clippy with SCISSORS around my butt!

Sorry, Anna.


Sweet Praline said...

Poor Anna! I just had my second round of Advantage and mom says I will probably need at least one more. I haven't had fleas in over 10 years!


hai me miss u guys! me know busy means cuz mai mom say all times. its no goodz!! me is purrity busy too but me make time for mai momz!! cuz me luv mai mom!

Patty Skypants said...

Hi! Bhu does NOT want me to tell you this, but some years back he had a poopy butt, which is kinda like a paint brush for him! Anyway, we have a double sink with a wand sprayer. We turned the water on and made sure it was perfectly tepid and then put him in the sink and sprayed his butt as gently as we could. He squirmed and hissed and growled, but we got his butt clean. I reminded him it was much better than having to LICK that stuff off himself. I think he agreed. xxoo P