Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stuff I Love: FLATFACES in Magazines!

Stopping by Sachie's Goma blog today, I saw she has a video up of Goma talking -- just like my Zuzu's little meow post below! By the way, that soft, but frequent little meow appears to be a trait of Himmies: "Like the Siamese, the Himalayan can be a very vocal cat. The are very communicative and will let you know with a few meows that dinnertime has arrived! Don't worry, their voice is much more similar to that of a Persian than that of a Siamese."

In another article, the Persian/Himalayan meow is described as "soft and pleasant." But true, they talk often! Zuzu has taken to meowing at me every time she want attention and Anna is even more vocal -- slightly louder than Zu, she meows as Goma does -- when rolling around, showing her belly and also quite often at the door, wanting to go out!

Zuzu: We can't, tho, can't go outside. Because, Kim, she say "NonononoZuzu, you are too WHITE and too SOFT and too non-streetwise and cars and predators would hurt you!"

Just below the talky Goma post, Sachie has a post with pictures from a recent photo shoot in Vogue showing models posing with (flatfaced!) Persians.

Sometimes Sachie and I seem so alike and so silly-in love with our kitties, I wonder if we aren't long lost sisters somehow!

A few years back, I noticed Paris Hilton on the cover of Seventeen magazine holding a (flatface!) Persian kitten! Of course, I had to look inside. After seeing the below pictures, I had to buy the magazine! There were baby Himmies in the photo shoot as well as calico and solid color Persians!

(Click on the above picture to make BIG! Look at those grumpy little FLATFACES!)

Finally, another video Zuzu playing with her Mousie below.


You will be next, Anna, I promises!


Sweet Praline said...

Praline used to play with toys like that all the time. Every once in a while, she will surprise me and start playing with a mouse and chase it around the room. Thanks for sharing the video.

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Thank you for our mom's himmie fix! They are so playful, even at age 17!

Laila and Minchie


SACHIE:OMG Kim the video is too much!! Soooo adowrable!! Zuzu plays soo much like Goma!! Zuzu is soo beautiful and so cute!! I luv herrrr!! I am going krazy!! I can not function, so I will hand this to Goma...
GOMA: mai mom krazys! Zuzu you can has mouse in you housez?? how you get mousez? me wait wait but no moue in mai house yet!! meee love persian but no like parisz! and you is cuter than paris kittehz!!

pattyskypants & Bhu said...

This is how Bhu plays with his hackysack! FIERCE WARRIOR! Zu is FIERCE WARRIOR PRINCESS! Yay! xxoo P