Sunday, July 20, 2008


Played dress up again the other day. Zuzu genuinely seems to enjoy wearing clothes --she rolls around and purrs. Anna, on the other hand, appears to merely endure dress up. She'll put up with it, but doesn't seem too pleased.

Zuzu: "Likes it! Not crabby! Jus mah flatface! I like mah shirty!"

Anna: "Do BE crabby! Hatesez it, shirtzes! OFFS, U take it!"

Now: to make up for my sparse posting here at AnnaZu of late, I give you --

First, Zuzu staring in "Mah Tiny Meeow:"

Yes, that is blue you are seeing on Zu's left side.
And, yeah, on her right side too.
Ah, well ... I (blush) wanted to try to temporarily dye her white toe blue with a teeny bit of food coloring.
Make her Blue Zu!
She got too wiggly so I settled for just putting a bit on her fluff.

Honest to God, I do not torture my kitties, I SWEAR!
I just have a little bit TOO much fun, I guess.
You'll note when she meows I gasp in awe as if angels were singing, for crying out loud.
As if I hadn't heard her tiny meeow hundreds of times before.
They just drive me crazy, these fluffy, flatfaced little moonbabies -- I can't ever stop marveling at them.
(Be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear her purring too!)

Dang it, I had hoped to upload two more videos, but for some reason YouTube and Blogger are both taking FOREVER to upload a few 45 second videos.

Hmmmm, wonder why.
Anyone have any suggestions?

More, to come, hopefully.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

LAUGHING......Zuzu looks so cute...she does seen to like her shirt. Umm...Anna....wants that shirt OFF!!1

I loved the cinema! Zuzu's tiny Meeow is adorable. funny....I think maybe you should keep her white toe! :)

They are both adorable.

Bhu said...

Zu too CUTE! xxoo Bhu


OMG OMG!! Zuzu is sooooooooooooo super cute omg omg!! I love the videos!! can you put more please!!

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Omigosh - what a sweet little meow!! We agree with Goma and Sachie - more videos please!! :)