Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weeee Has New Friendzes!

Weeeee found Zoey and Maggie (and Ann, too!) at "ZOOLATRY" blogzes today!
Now all kindzes of new catzes be commenting here!

Do you know why?

Because Ann made this very FAMOUS picture of us at her blogzes!


Kim: "No, you're not "famous," Anna and Zuzu. You just settle down, there."


Know how weeee find them catzes?
Weeee find them from Rocky, Angie and S'More's Kitty Hut blogzes!
Today, too, we find out that S'morezes?
We knew that tho.
We knew that cuz we thinkzes that ALL Torties be's talky!

Too, we find Lilly and Laila.

She not feeling so goodzes.
Weeee send thunky, fluffy, purr purr purr to that family.
(Weee think, too, Lilly?
She HAPPY now and she feels GOODZES again.
She say "Ohhhh, I feel so much BETTER now at Bridge!)

Welcome to our new FAMOUS FRIENDZES.

Zuzu: PS. I still MAD!


brandi said...

Hi! You two look like lots of fun. So happy we found your blog. Come vist sometime.

Derby said...

Yes you are famous, so am I. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere.

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hello Anna and Zuzu!! Maggie and Zoey told us about you and we came to say hello! It is very nice to meet Famous Kitties!
Your FL furiends,

ML said...

Hi Anna & Zuzu. You are too cute. It's furry nice to meets yous.

Karen Jo said...

Yes, once Zoolatry has done a graphic for you, you are famous. It's nice to meet you.

Patty Skypants said...

Famous AND BEE U TEE FULL!!! Both be mai girlfrenz? Luv Bhu xxoo

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Hello! Thank you for mentioning us on your bloggie! :) We are so honored :)

Yes, S'more likes to TALK a lot - AND she loves to give kisses! She kisses Mommy all the time! :)